Home Security Cameras Installation- DIY vs. The Pros

As you’re setting up your home security system there are plenty of decisions to make, from choosing which elements you need in your home to making sure you’re placing camerasInfrared motion sensor 466282673, lights, monitors and access panels at the correct strategic locations in your home. Making these decisions shouldn’t just be attempted willy-nilly; it’s important to educate yourself on the ideal placement of cameras, lights or monitors. It’s also important to know how pieces are properly synced so you have a seamless system of surveillance for your home. For this reason, many people, when they approach the topic of home security cameras installation, find themselves in debates about whether or not to attempt self-installation or to go to the pros. So let’s talk about the pros and cons of doing it yourself and calling in the professionals.

Pros of DIY Installation

Starting with the pros of DIY installation, we’ll just get the major factor of cost out of the way. YES, it is going to be cheaper for you to learn how to install your new surveillance camera system by yourself. You’ll take the cost out of your own time. Depending on the size of your home and property and the coverage of your security system, this could be a large and time-consuming task or it could be a short project for a Saturday morning.

Next, if you choose to install your camera system on your own, you’re going to be far more likely to know how to use it! And, of course, how to repair it if something does go wrong. Couple enjoying coffee 126475073This means you won’t have to call in help unless something has really gone wrong and you need a professional for troubleshooting.  Additionally, it has been found that those individuals who do their own installation don’t just stop with the limits of ONE security equipment package. Because you’re doing it yourself, you can customize the system to your needs in a way that a company might not be able to. Your system can grow piece by piece as you determine you need it. And let’s just be honest, if you know your security system this well, you’re going to be more likely to maintain it and monitor for your own safety. This means you’ve got all the security in your hands.

Reasons to Go Professional

Now let’s talk about the reasons DIY isn’t so hot. Unless you want to read up on all the mechanical and technical details of your system, follow the intricate instructions, and spend your precious time to install it, all with the high chance that you’re going to mess up something pretty drastic in these fickle electrical systems- then DIY isn’t going to be your best option.

With DIY you’ve got everything riding on your shoulders. You can spend a LOT of money and NEVER get your money’s worth because you don’t get the system installed properly. If something breaks, you’ve got to fix it yourself. And if you don’t position the cameras and pieces in the right places, you’ve wasted your time.

134942482Calling in a professional is a boon to getting the job done right and quickly.  Letting a professional install the system eliminates a high percentage of false alarms and guarantees you’re going to get the most effective use out of your system. Trusted professionals can come into your home assess your property and determine the BEST customized plan for your surveillance positioning quickly. Also, if something goes wrong with the system, professionals are obligated to come back and fix it for you because you paid for their expertise and can demand they give it.

In the end, there really isn’t a RIGHT or WRONG way to get your system installed. Mostly it’s just a matter of weighing the options and determining what’s going to work the best for you and yours. The most important thing is that you get a home security camera system and you get it installed so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with great protection.