The Parts of a Home Security Camera Package

If you’ve decided that it’s time to get your home the protection your family deserves, then you’ve made a great choice. Learning what the pieces of a quality surveillance system include is going to be the best way for you to make sure you’re getting the quality coverage and protection you need. The best home security camera package is going to include the pieces that will help protect you and your home. That means that unlike the Joneses down the street, your home might not need the twelve-point camera surveillance. Then again it might mean, while your uncle only used his deadbolt for security, your home might need motion detectors and remote surveillance. So let’s talk about the important parts of a home security camera package.


78366512How many doors do you have in your home? It is vastly important that your doors are protected since burglars and your family both rely on them for entry into the home. Most people should begin building their security package with the sensors that will protect the doors and windows if you have large windows on the ground floor.

There are literally hundreds of different types of sensors. Some sensors are motion detectors, others are pressure sensors, and others still are magnetic. Here are some options you may want to consider for your home:

  • Recessed Door Sensors: These babies can be tucked within the molding of your front and back doors, so they’re concealed for aesthetics as well as stealth monitoring.
  • Window Sensors: Whether functioning by magnetism, motion sensor, or glass break sensors, these are your force field of protection.
  • Garage Door Sensor: Detecting the garage door’s movement, you can avoid break-ins through this largest door in your home.
  • motion-alarms-135448943Motion Sensors: Guarding the perimeter of your property or the rooms where you’re most concerned about intruders stealing from you, motion sensors will detect movement and alert you.

Consider utilizing sensors in key points in your home where you can protect yourself from unauthorized entry. Then make sure the package you choose will provide you with this number of sensors.


Home security packages should include cameras if you are ever away from the home during the day or night for hours at a time. Many people feel that if they have a husband or wife at home all day, there’s no need for cameras. But the power of video monitoring has increased vastly over the last few decades, and cameras can now provide great peace of mind. Most security systems allow for remote surveillance for relatively cheap, meaning these cameras will alert you if movement is detected during hours when you are away. Because of phone apps, a camera is now a veritable self-monitoring security system.


Cameras can be either wireless or wired, they can be large or small, and versatile or fixed for long-term use in one location. Innovations have made cameras incredibly easy to install, and most cameras have vastly improved the quality of video feed they provide. Indoor and outdoor cameras are fantastic for monitoring what is important to you, and many can even pan and tilt to provide a wide range of monitoring.

Life Safety Devices

In addition to protecting from burglars, your home security system can now help protect you from other threats such as fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and flooding in the home. These devices are relatively cheap and when installed properly can stand guard for a long time without needing any attention from you.


In addition to these elements of your security system, you should also make sure you have the parts that make each of these effective. Camera systems might benefit from recording devices such as DVRs or NVRs. Home automation and remote monitoring ability can provide you with complete control over you home. Now, who doesn’t want that?!